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[VIDEO] The COA Sings On TV and experiences a Wardrobe Malfunction

In what was America’s biggest musical-television ratings smash since Glee, the Cycle of America team threw a musical fundraiser in Austintown, Ohio that was captured by two local TV news crews.

O’Donold’s Irish Pub kindly let Rob “Yossarian Lives” Shiels from Irish band Brazen Lungs play a set to raise money for the Livestrong Foundation. Watch the video to see him and young troubadour Mark Leonard in action!

Plus, stay tuned to the end to witness a sartorial error on the part of the COA’s wardrobe department.

Watch the video

For more on Yossarian Lives, visit Yossarian Lives on Bandcamp

For more on Brazen Lungs, visit

Date 13th September Youngstown to Pittsburg Distance – Meant to be 100km, did 150km

Today was to be a nice handy day, the cycle was only 100km so we decided we would treat ourselves to a little lie in and didn’t get up until 8 o’clock. Savage lie in!! Our usual time is 6.30!

So we were on the road for around 9 o’clock, it was a bit of a tricky route with numerous turns onto different highways and that’s where the fund began! I was designated navigator ( apparently) so the lads were happy to lay the blame at my door! We were on highway 170 and we were suppose to take a left on the 351, well we missed the turn by about 15 miles! And we went on a little tour of Ohio, we went through East Palestine, East Liverpool and Calcutta. We couldn’t work out why we hadn’t passed into Pennsilylvaina  yet! Turns out we weren’t going East on the 170 we were heading south, so far south that we ended up cycling into a completely different state! The state of West Virginia! I argued that the cycle was too easy and I always wanted to visit West Virginia but the lads weren’t too happy!!

We stopped in small town of East Liverpool and got directions back to Penselvania and on towards Pittsburgh! So what was suppose to be a hand 100km cycle turned into a 150 km cycle all because I wanted to see West Virginia!! It was totoly worth it! So instead of the original 13 states we were meant to be cycling through the revised figure is 14!!

We arrived in Leetsdale just outside Pittsburgh at nearly 6 o’clock that evening! How I love these short days!

12th Sept Cleveland to Youngstown,Ohio Distance 145 km

We had an absolute beast of a breakfast this morning, it was a buffet and after Leonard and Big Mac had finished with it there wasn’t much for anyone else!! We were on the road for around 8.30 and it was a really nice clear day! We were cycling through a lot of built up areas on the way out of the Cleveland suburbs but as it was a Sunday it was really quite was it was a nice relaxed start to the day!

It was built up most of the way between Cleveland and Youngstown and there appeared to be a McDonalds on every corner! So we eventually gave in and succumb to our desires! I have  a Mcchicken sandwich, Macker had chicken nuggets but our Leonard never disappoints! After Ordering his Big Mac meal and was informed that he can get a 2nd Big Mac for 49 cent! Leonard didn’t think twice, we actually had to persuade him not to get a 3rd Big Mac!!

We went at a very slow pace so we didn’t arrive in Youngstown until after 5, which appears to be the norm at the moment. All our legs are feeling heavy at the moment and personally I can hardly sit down anymore due to the pain and aches of my bum! But we are nearly there now!!

10th Sept Freemont to Cleveland Distance 140km by will (rest day 11th September 2010)

We were on the road a little later than usual after Leonard and Macker turned what for most people would be a 20 min breakfast into a 50 min breakfast with course after course after course! Then after breakfast while in the room getting changed Leonard turns to me and says “ Kerwin, I have no idea why I don’t have a 6 pac!” This was after eating his 10 course breakfast!

We were on the road for around 8.30, it was a bit of a chilly day and very cloudy, Macker had his usual skiing in Vermont gear on! Thankfully it cleared up in the early morning and Macker did his usual strip tease for the passing motorists on the high way!

We had a very scenic route all along lake Erie, we stopped for some lunch along lake Erie and were admiring some of the amazing houses along the lake owned by some of the Cleveland Browns football team! We stopped and signed autographs for some of the players!!

We had arranged to meet Mark Owens and his wife Marie In there lovely house in the suburbs of Cleveland. We arrived at there home at around 6.30 absolutely wrecked tired! They kindly made us feel very welcome in there home, made us dinner and directed us to our hotel, which with Marks help and the Cleveland Sports Commission had arranged accomodation for the first night  of our stay in Cleveland and a reduction for the second night in The Marriot Hotel on the outskirts of Cleveland so we didn’t have to cycle into the busy city centre,thankfully!

9th September Napoleon,IN to Freemont ,Ohio

76  miles.Another day another state.

The wind changed direction every daybut for the most it is blowing across us.Today however we were in luck.It was blowingbehind us so with the tailwinds we were picking up ridiculous speedsof up to 30 miles per hour on the flat road.We stopped by for lunch at Blowling Green which we regret not having stayed.Its a small quant town of 25,000 but is also a university town and there is a great atmosphere about the place.Since practically day 1 of the cycle,a woman by the name of Jane.E.George has been one of our biggest fans.She a keen fan as she has family who have been impacted by cancer and wanted to meet us for lunch to thank us for our efforts to raise funds and awareness for cancer patients.Jane met us with her daughter Sara,in a coffee shop in”BG”.They are great people and offered to put us up in their Family guestouse in Bowling Green and also offered to bring us out for dinner with their familyn later that evening.With the accomodation alkready sorted for Freemont we  regretfully had to pass mon the former but took them up on the latter.

After our 20 something mile ride from BG to Freemont  we returned to Bowling Green where the George Familuy had organised a newspaper interview for us over dinner.The George family are no stranger to the press as Sara was in the paperjust months prior to this after she saved a family of drowning swimmers at a beach while holidaying with her husband.What a great family!We were left overwhelmed with the response from the family whom treated us as we were family.

Fremont, Ohio, 9th of September.

We were hosted in the beautiful Blessings B&B in the town of Fremont. The owners, Rick and Eve, put us up for free and cooked us a great breakfast in the morning. We’d highly recommend Blessings B&B for a visit!

Sentinel-Tribune, Bowling Green, Ohio

Homepage of the Sentinel-Tribune (Online edition)

Homepage of the Sentinel-Tribune (Online edition)

Journalist Jenise Fouts interviewed the team for the Sentinel-Tribune newspaper in Bowling Green, Ohio.  The article can be read here, and the lads also got their picture on the homepage of the Sen-Trib wesbite!. Click here to read the article online.

A big “Thank you!” to Jane E. George and her family for making the interview happen!

[Click on the image to view the full screenshot]