Date 13th September Youngstown to Pittsburg Distance – Meant to be 100km, did 150km

Today was to be a nice handy day, the cycle was only 100km so we decided we would treat ourselves to a little lie in and didn’t get up until 8 o’clock. Savage lie in!! Our usual time is 6.30!

So we were on the road for around 9 o’clock, it was a bit of a tricky route with numerous turns onto different highways and that’s where the fund began! I was designated navigator ( apparently) so the lads were happy to lay the blame at my door! We were on highway 170 and we were suppose to take a left on the 351, well we missed the turn by about 15 miles! And we went on a little tour of Ohio, we went through East Palestine, East Liverpool and Calcutta. We couldn’t work out why we hadn’t passed into Pennsilylvaina  yet! Turns out we weren’t going East on the 170 we were heading south, so far south that we ended up cycling into a completely different state! The state of West Virginia! I argued that the cycle was too easy and I always wanted to visit West Virginia but the lads weren’t too happy!!

We stopped in small town of East Liverpool and got directions back to Penselvania and on towards Pittsburgh! So what was suppose to be a hand 100km cycle turned into a 150 km cycle all because I wanted to see West Virginia!! It was totoly worth it! So instead of the original 13 states we were meant to be cycling through the revised figure is 14!!

We arrived in Leetsdale just outside Pittsburgh at nearly 6 o’clock that evening! How I love these short days!

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