12th Sept Cleveland to Youngstown,Ohio Distance 145 km

We had an absolute beast of a breakfast this morning, it was a buffet and after Leonard and Big Mac had finished with it there wasn’t much for anyone else!! We were on the road for around 8.30 and it was a really nice clear day! We were cycling through a lot of built up areas on the way out of the Cleveland suburbs but as it was a Sunday it was really quite was it was a nice relaxed start to the day!

It was built up most of the way between Cleveland and Youngstown and there appeared to be a McDonalds on every corner! So we eventually gave in and succumb to our desires! I have  a Mcchicken sandwich, Macker had chicken nuggets but our Leonard never disappoints! After Ordering his Big Mac meal and was informed that he can get a 2nd Big Mac for 49 cent! Leonard didn’t think twice, we actually had to persuade him not to get a 3rd Big Mac!!

We went at a very slow pace so we didn’t arrive in Youngstown until after 5, which appears to be the norm at the moment. All our legs are feeling heavy at the moment and personally I can hardly sit down anymore due to the pain and aches of my bum! But we are nearly there now!!

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