10th Sept Freemont to Cleveland Distance 140km by will (rest day 11th September 2010)

We were on the road a little later than usual after Leonard and Macker turned what for most people would be a 20 min breakfast into a 50 min breakfast with course after course after course! Then after breakfast while in the room getting changed Leonard turns to me and says “ Kerwin, I have no idea why I don’t have a 6 pac!” This was after eating his 10 course breakfast!

We were on the road for around 8.30, it was a bit of a chilly day and very cloudy, Macker had his usual skiing in Vermont gear on! Thankfully it cleared up in the early morning and Macker did his usual strip tease for the passing motorists on the high way!

We had a very scenic route all along lake Erie, we stopped for some lunch along lake Erie and were admiring some of the amazing houses along the lake owned by some of the Cleveland Browns football team! We stopped and signed autographs for some of the players!!

We had arranged to meet Mark Owens and his wife Marie In there lovely house in the suburbs of Cleveland. We arrived at there home at around 6.30 absolutely wrecked tired! They kindly made us feel very welcome in there home, made us dinner and directed us to our hotel, which with Marks help and the Cleveland Sports Commission had arranged accomodation for the first night  of our stay in Cleveland and a reduction for the second night in The Marriot Hotel on the outskirts of Cleveland so we didn’t have to cycle into the busy city centre,thankfully!

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