9th September Napoleon,IN to Freemont ,Ohio

76  miles.Another day another state.

The wind changed direction every daybut for the most it is blowing across us.Today however we were in luck.It was blowingbehind us so with the tailwinds we were picking up ridiculous speedsof up to 30 miles per hour on the flat road.We stopped by for lunch at Blowling Green which we regret not having stayed.Its a small quant town of 25,000 but is also a university town and there is a great atmosphere about the place.Since practically day 1 of the cycle,a woman by the name of Jane.E.George has been one of our biggest fans.She a keen fan as she has family who have been impacted by cancer and wanted to meet us for lunch to thank us for our efforts to raise funds and awareness for cancer patients.Jane met us with her daughter Sara,in a coffee shop in”BG”.They are great people and offered to put us up in their Family guestouse in Bowling Green and also offered to bring us out for dinner with their familyn later that evening.With the accomodation alkready sorted for Freemont we  regretfully had to pass mon the former but took them up on the latter.

After our 20 something mile ride from BG to Freemont  we returned to Bowling Green where the George Familuy had organised a newspaper interview for us over dinner.The George family are no stranger to the press as Sara was in the paperjust months prior to this after she saved a family of drowning swimmers at a beach while holidaying with her husband.What a great family!We were left overwhelmed with the response from the family whom treated us as we were family.

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  1. Jane G. says:

    You are too kind Mark! We wish all of you the best in the future! We were blessed to have you stop and spend time with us! Each of you have taken something that is painful and brought good out of it. Mark, I know your Dad would be sooooo proud of you! Donal, you must be like your grandfather, caring and giving. Eoin, Denise surely is smiling at you! Rob, your Grandfather too, would be so proud! William, the commitment you have to support your friends through the good and the bad is wonderful! “May your troubles be less and your blessings be more. And nothing but happiness come through your door.”

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