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Williams Blog – Day 4: Moses Lake to Spokane

Date 4th Aug
Mosses Lake to Spokane
Distance 180km

I had the physio appointment this morning, Randy the physio said I had a very tight T-band. After showing me a few stretches, massaging the knee and taping it up I was ready to hit the road. Randy kindly gave me the physio half price after I told him what I was doing.

Due to me having physio we didn’t get on the road until around 9.30 which was not wise! My knee was feeling much better and we knew we had to go at a good pace due to our late start. Myself and Mark went on ahead of Eoin. The temp today was close to 95 degrees and there was a headwind the whole way! We found it really hard as we were cycling in the hottest part of the day, we were getting cooked alive!! 30 miles into the day Eoin hit a rock on the hard shoulder and fell pretty hard on his hip and knee. Hopefully Eoin will be ok to join us for the 1st leg of the Rockies tomorrow!

Myself and Mark tore into the rest of the journey and we stopped off at a town called Sprague where we topped up our food and water in the local Conoco garage. After getting talking to Joe in the shop and telling him what we were doing he told us we could take whatever we needed free of charge. Joe’s brother has cancer and we wish him all the best.

We were really feeling the aches and pains! Sore bums, sore knees and the heat in general were really taking its toll on us, well me anyway! Today is our longest day of the cycle ( I think!) so it was important we just kept going. There were a lot of rolling hills and the wind was stopping us from enjoying the down hill! And this is when Mark started playing his mind games with me! Im there clinging to the bike looking like I’m ready to fall off it when he turns to me and says “ Kerwin I actually feel grand, I’m not tired at all” We will see who is feeling grand in the morning when the random drug testers call round to our hotel room in the morning to test him! Im guessing the list of substances in his system will be a cross between Floyde Landos and Dwaine Chambers!

Anyway on we went, hanging onto the bike with whatever little energy we had left!! It was easly the most tired I have ever been and this includes my magnificent victory over a certain COA member Mark Leonard in our recent Triathlon in Athlone!

We eventually arrived in Spokane at 8.30! And we got a great view of the Rockies and what lies ahead over the next week or so!