6th September Chicago, IL to Valparaiso, IN by Mark

Distance :68miles

A new state to be obliterated by the COA team today and the victim was Indiana. Warm day and a late start as we had to be dropped out from downtown Chicago to Yorkville in the car so we didnt get started until approx 9am despite being up and about  since 630am( thanks to the human alarm clock that is William Kerwin with the usual call “get up”)

Passed through the suburbs of Chicago including Joilet and Chicago Heights .Although hungry we didnt stop at either location for luncheon as there was many a dodgy fellow to be seen lurking and although we felt likeallowing the bikes to be robbed would be a decent reason for not completing the cycle .The lads met us  with food and water just over the Indiana border at a town called Dyer and then a couple more hours of pedaling and we were there

We hit the cinema to see “The Other One.Dont ask me for a review of the film as I fell asleep 5 minutes into movie

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