Williams cycle blog – Date 27th Aug

Date 27th Aug
From Brookings to Tracey
Distance 110km

As it was only a relatively short cycle today the lads wanted a lie in! I wouldn’t let them! The usual 6.30 start was agreed. After a very nice breakfast in the lovely Hampton Suit and Inn we hit the road. Our I 90 has now been replaced by highway 14 which is a much quieter and nicer road!

The last week is really starting to catch up on us and we went at a slow casual pace. So far this week we have covered nearly 500 miles and we still have 2 more to go until our beloved rest day!

We stopped off a few times today for little breaks due to sore bums, tired legs and general laziness! On our way to Tyler a small town between Brookings and Tracey we were pulled in by the editor of the local paper. He interviewed us and took a few pictures for the local papers.

We also stopped off in Beloton where some very nice old ladies queried what we were doing and what the cause was. After we outlined all of this they kindley donated! Thanks! Also in Beloton we were at the local garage topping up the water when the local sheriff came cruising along just as the tune on the local radio station was Bob Marelys I shot the sheriif but I did not shoot the deputy! Was very funny as he was singing along to it!

Leonard as usual was like a rocket and couldn’t wait to get into Tracey. When we arrived we were greeted by Jay Fulz the owner of The Park Way Apartments where we stayed and Val Roskens from the local chamber of commerce. The chamber of commerce kindly donated dinner to the team aswell which went down a treat.

Jay and Val invited us along to the local karaoke competition. Although we weren’t able to enter we did get up for a song. Rob sang pretty woman, Leonard sand N,Sync tearing up my heart as they didn’t have his original request Backstreet Boys and I tore up the house with Nellys Its gettin hot in here!!

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