Pierre to Huron, SD 25 August 2010 110 miles,Marks blog entry

In short ,pretty much a boring day cycling,Today was one long long day ,we rose at the ridiculous hour of 545 and were on the road for 630 ready for the long day ahead. we met the support team twice today.We followed the highway 14 (not the I-90 thankfully).The road itself was painfully boring,and straight as an arrow

Young McNamara was hoping for a dog attack to mix things up a bit. No punctures to report and no wind ,which was a relief positive After passing through the likes of Blunt,Highmore,Miller, and Wessington where many a quick break was had we made a final stop at Wolsely before finally rolling into Huron ,South Dakota some 12 hours at approximately 7pm. After that all I can remember is I slept like I haven’t for as long as I can remember ,despite the incessant bear like snoring of room-mate Kerwin

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