Williams Blog – Day 3: Ellensburg to Moses Lake

Date 3rd Aug
Ellensberg to Moses Lake
Distance 135km

We were out on the road at 9 o’clock, it seems the earlier we get up the later we leave. We were up before 7 but some how only managed to leave at 9 o’clock. We really felt the heat today it was up over 90 degrees. The heat was really slowing us down! Our water/powerade was actually warm after about an hour on the road and the bum pain really started to kick in!
The scenery along the route was amazing!

I booked a physio appointment (for my knee) in Moses Lake for 3 o’clock expecting to make it without too much hassle! Little did we know there was some animal climbs waiting for us along the way! The heat and the climbs really drained us of all our energy! At 1 point I had to put Mark on my handle bar, his bike on my back and carry him up the hills, Contindor esque! Due to the climbs we had to re-schedule my physio for the following morning at 8 bells. Dr Steadman was waiting for me!

We arrived in Moses Lake at approx 5 o’clock with Eoin hour behind. With the heat and climbs we were relieved to make it at all!!

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