A Special Thanks to guys in Wheelworx

We took a spin over to Triathlon and Cycle specialists Wheelworks new shop in Fonthill Retail Park , just next to Liffey Valley Shopping Centre, Dublin after a fundraising-packed weekend in St Stephens Green.

Have to say we were massively impressed with the new shop which has everything a cyclist could ever dream off (yes even you Lance)- all top of the range gear, we were just salivating looking at it all!

We got great advice from the lads in the shop and in particular Mark Lacey (special shout out) helped us with selecting essential equipment from everything to top quality pedals to socks and a comfortable saddle for the trip.

In fact we were so impressed by young Lacey that William decided to stalk him for his autograph!!

We (Mark and William) had entered into the Alive Outside Duathlon race in Phoenix Park on Sunday 28th March and found ourselves standing next to Mr Mark Lacey and the Wheelworx crew at the starting line, of course that didn’t last very long- soon all we saw of him was the dust he left in his wake! But we persevered never the less, and finished in very respectable times of 46 minutes (William) and 47 minutes (Mark) respecitvely.

If you too want to stalk Mark Lacey check out the website (http://www.wheelworxbikes.com/ ) or head over to the shop, you might even have a look at the bikes while your there!

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